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Environmental Engineering

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WaterSupplyEngineering|WaterSupplyManagement|Gharpure|CivilEngineering CourseBooks(Net Banking)


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Water Supply Engineering(PDF)

Wastewater Engineering,WaterTreatment,WastewaterDisposalReuse,WasteManagement,WasteTreatment

 (Net Banking)


INR 50.00 or  USD 1.00 

Wastewater Engineering Treatment Disposal Reuse(PDF)

Hydrology, WaterEngineering,IrrigationPower

 (Net Banking)


INR 50.00 or  USD 1.00 

Irrigation Water Resources and Water Power(PDF)

History of Life 

(Net Banking)

                                                                                                                            INR 100.00 or USD 2.00 

The History of Life(Password Protected PDF)

Green Building Articles 1 (Password Protected)

Green Building Articles 2 (Password Protected)

Green Building Articles 3 (Password Protected)

Green Building Articles 4 (Password Protected)



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